Thursday, March 11, 2010

Live Rams!!! and a light at the end of the tunnel : )

Saw a huge herd of Big Horn Sheep near the mouth of the John Day River on the Columbia Gorge.  The rams were fairly close to the road and it was fabulous to see them so close!  This herd was reintroduced in
this area again about a decade ago and it appears they like the place, as there were 17 females just a few miles down river and another small group further up the hill.
I love these sheep and it so cool to see them so often!

The ram at BELLA is anxiously waiting his unveiling which is on schedule for April 1st.  I was hoping to have time for a couple of preview party/events and that's maybe hoping for a lot.  We got the A/C ductwork etc installed today- it's time to put flooring down and start making it look like BELLA inside.
The signage was approved tonight by the La Grande Historic Landmarks Commission!
here's a computer rendering of what the signage will look like!
Say Whoo- Hoo!!

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