Tuesday, February 23, 2010

John Huston's ram appears for the 3rd charming time

This is the fun part!
I've painted my own little version of John Huston's Ram that graces the label of the 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild inside 3 of my BELLA locations - and the 3rd has been a charming endeavor from the first moment.
I've got beautiful display windows in the Anson Building and decided to put the mural right up front where everyone can enjoy it!  We covered the wood panel wall with sheet rock and a light coating of plaster.  I decided to reverse the image so the ram would be facing the morning light and I'm liking it!

The moon was first, then the spot of earth before I started painting in the sky.  The colors are much more vivid in this 're-telling' of the story and it's by far the largest (and dare I say fittest?!?) ram to date.


Okay, maybe a bit too thin actually.  My first ram looked like he'd had a second helping of lasagna, the second looked a little vertically challenged and this guy is lookin' like a triatha-ram with bike racer thighs!

Next comes the purple grapes, an eye and some hooves.

And to my right, Colleen is working her magic on my trompe-l'oeil

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Kay said...

They say the third time is a charm, so that makes your third ram a charmer!
I can hardly wait to see this third BELLA as a finished product. It's exciting watching it blossom, thanks to all of your photos.