Saturday, August 15, 2009

That's FIRE... THAI FIRE!!

Sarah called to correct me - and suddenly everything made more sense!
It's not Thai Fine... it's THAI FIRE!
This garlic has a slow building heat that is sumptuous and breathtaking all at the same time. Gorgeous cloves with an intense yet complex aroma, but take a tiny bite of the raw and you'll be stunned with the most wonderful hot flavor. It reminds me of Thai Holy Basil sauces - all these layers of flavor and then you realize... wow, there's some heat too! It mellows beautifully on the palate and was delicious in the roasted aubergine, tomato, basil and pork dish I created for dinner! Just tossed with herbs, pepper and sea salt--- oh and a good healthy drizzle of really, really good Italian olive oil --- 45 minutes in the oven and served over Carnaroli rice. It was delicious and Will was happy because there were plenty of leftovers - he calls it 'fish food', as it's what he's eating this weekend while fishing the Deschutes. All the other fisherman have bags of Cheetos and beefsticks, Will dines on Thai Fire Caponata!
After dinner, there was pie.
All you need... is PIE!
Say it with PIE!
Save Room.... there's PIE!
Fresh local Red Haven peaches from Eagle Creek Orchards with 2 cups of Wild Huckleberries and made with unprocessed cane sugar and a bit of fresh grated nutmeg.
All is well in the world.

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