Thursday, September 17, 2009


Grandpa's Farm is what you'd call a small family operation.
Real Small.
It's just Connie and Kurt who decided that they weren't ready for rockin' chairs on the porch but loved the idea of raising baby chicks and putting
on the table for local consumers to enjoy! Whoopee!
I for one am a happy chicken eater and I couldn't help but smile when a devoted customer (who has her own cookbook and has lived in this valley for somewhere in the neighborhood of 60+ years) called to tell me she hadn't "tasted chicken this good in 30 years!"
I thought it was good chicken before but then I was sure!
I've roasted them (stuffed with lemons and herbs), BBQ'd (with Spicy Chipotle Sauce from Red Tail Ale), cubed and stirfried with fresh veggies and each time I take a bite (and then marvel over the flavor) I just giggle with glee!
How many people can pop over to their local market and pick up a chicken raised less than 15 miles from the store and processed by the owner of the chicken?
NOBODY touches Grandpa's chickens 'cept Grandma!
I am so proud of these folks and so thrilled to offer their chicken at BELLA Main Street Market (7 'til 7, 7 days a week - now and forever!)
Last night was the BBQ option, I simply quartered the bird (you won't believe it, there's NO FAT on this poultry!!) and rubbed it with the sauce, popped it into a hot oven and roasted it until the juices ran clear. I served with Napoli Bucantino Pasta tossed with roasted NE Farms Roja Garlic, Caspian Pink Tomatoes, sweet Walla Walla Onions and some of that absolutely amazing Fiorentina Zucchini from my own garden. A pinch of sea salt, some crushed peppercorns and a small bit of the Mamma Junes's Tuscan Tomato Herb Blend is all I add (plus the required amount of olive oil!) I grate a bit of fresh Pecorino Romano over the top and pour a glass of Ciacci Piccoliamini Rosso and all is well in the world!
Of course, we'd had fresh grilled steelhead the night before and it's always hard to follow something so incredibly tasty and fresh like Deschutes big fish but Grandpa's Farm Chicken was getting no complaints!

If you'd like to try it for yourself, join us in historic downtown Baker City this Saturday for the Taste of Baker City and the festivities of Fall Festival. BELLA Main Street Market will be celebrating local agriculture from 4 'til 8 pm under sunny skies. Come on down, grab some 'wooden nickels' and enjoy the fruits of Oregon's harvest!
  • NE FARMS Roasted Organic Garlic with Sourdough Baguette

  • Free Samples of Grandpa's Farm Chicken and Turkey

  • Horse Drawn Organics Oven Roasted Sweet Corn on the Cob

  • Eagle Creek Orchards Fresh Alberta Peaches & Whipped Cream

  • Michele's Handmade Chocolate Truffles

  • Weiser Classic Candy Company Hand Dipped Velvet Mints

  • Oregon Peppermint Chai
And last but not least, it's the wine tasting of the season!! Buy a crystal BELLA wineglass for just 6 wooden nickels ($6) and taste through the new shipment that just arrived from Spain and Italy along with an amazing dessert wine from Malaga, sparking Moscato d'Asti and a fabulous little Oregon Pinot noir that we are simply mad about!


By the way... Congrats!!! to Charles Smith - the genius behind the wheel of K Vintners. We loved you even before you were famous in WW2 and we still think your wines absolutely ROCK and that's why we feature them so proudly in the cellar at BELLA!

Great story about wine labels - check it out!

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