Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Catch of the Season, PEACHES & The Best Garlic in the World!

(Always saving the BEST for last, the news about NE Farms Organic Garlic is at the END of the blog - savor the thought, the reward is mighty fine indeed!)

Local Baker City painter Marcie Cook has a very talented and WAY creative daughter. Lucky us!

Deanna Camp stopped in the store a couple of months back to show us her trout paintings.
These are not just gorgeous works of art, each painting is made merrier by the descriptions given which are clever, funny, and downright brilliant!

For example take the Corporate Trout all decked out in pinstripes:

Latin name Orcorynchus schyster
Habitat: Where the money is.
Behavior: Very aggressive; preys on suckers; even holds its own swimming with sharks. Oddly, often drowns in red ink.
Preferred Fly: Golden Parachute
You get the idea!!!
We absolutely LOVED them and begged Deanna to put together our dream calendar- one fabulously gorgeous and very rare trout each month with both style and major attitude!

Here's a peek at the Free Range Trout!
So knowing that we're all just dreamers and that 'if wishes was fishes' we'd be hip deep in the Deschutes not giving a thought to what day it is.... we thought this was a perfect 'catch'.

The Elusive Trout
2010 Collector's Calendar
by Deanna Camp
Available at BELLA
The Organic Peaches from Eagle Creek Orchards have just arrived, they are absolutely juicy and beautiful. I made a fresh Peach & Huckleberry Tart last night, I'll tell you how delicious it was tomorrow!!!!

And now, the moment you've really been waiting for....
I called to check on the harvest a couple of weeks ago- too curious to wait! Ed told me that it was "by far the best harvest yet" and that Sarah, his daughter was "in charge" from now on.

Last year, Sarah had pointed out a place on their property that she thought would be really suitable for their fabulous gourmet garlic varieties. They had been rotating the crop between 2 separate fields and this patch to the northwest kept calling to Sarah.

Good thing the garlic knew her name, because it appears that this was the perfect patch of land! The Inchelium Red is absolutely stunning this year and in addition to the 12 varieties, there are a couple of test varieties that we'll be tasting. The Thia Fire will be part of tonight's menu (along with some lovely little eggplants and vine ripened tomatoes - I'm sooooo excited!
I love peaches, it's true, but GARLIC ... FUGETABOUTIT!!
Currently available:
Inchelium Red: Artichoke style, large cloves with amazing sweetness when roasted! This variety was rated the Best Tasting by the Rodale Institue 20 years ago and we completely agree!
Spanish Roja: This hardneck variety was brought to Oregon by immigrants in the late 1900's and it likes cold winters so you'll find the best Roja right here in Eastern Oregon! It's described as the most "piquant" garlic in the world. I served roasted Roja for appetizers this last weekend and it was gone in a hurry! Lots of aroma, wonderful flavor - really divine with Buffalo Mozzarella, basil and fresh sliced tomatoes.
Asian Tempest: The sweetest hardneck garlic and a wonderful variety for roasting, it's nearly caramel-ly- you might want to try it for dessert! Breathtaking when raw, but amazing in small amounts in a Caesar Salad dressing - oooooh la la!
All varieties of garlic from NE Farms are $10.95 per pound. Head size (and weight) vary with each variety. Stop in and sample several varieties this season or send an e-mail and request the BELLA Garlic Sampler (better than Russell Stovers any day of the week!) We'll gather up an unforgettable bouquet, pack it up and ship it to you!
Ciao Bella!!

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