Friday, June 6, 2008

Great Wine Buys and Mechanical Mice!

Back from my experience at Jon Schallert's Bootcamp and we are ramping up and re-creating the "little BELLA that could!" Things look great at the store; all the really fun and unique toys and tools I found in NYC have finally arrived. The Organic Cotton embroidered linens are divine, the newest BBQ tools are too cool and the mechanized mouses from France are a major hit!

Would I joke about something this serious?
Check 'em out!

Actually, I'm having about as much fun as I can imagine breaking out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Two days ago, I went and recorded radio ads - it's a little weird listening to your own voice on anything other than an answering machine, but I think they sound like BELLA! The ads run on 1450/1490 am in eastern Oregon and 106 fm if you're in the area!

Our Spanish and Italian wine container hit the dock this week and will be arriving in Baker City on Monday. Mark the date on your calendar, and make plans to come to the store to taste the summer wine sensation!
We are bringing in stacks of a delicious summer red from Castilla y Leon, Spain called Carril de Cotos. This wine simply ROCKS and is certain to be one of the best values of the year at $6.95!
Made from 100% Tempranillo with sensationally ripe, lush flavors, nice mouthfeel and a silky little finish this red wine will be absolutely perfect for BBQ and summer gatherings at the river. Stop in for a taste, this wine is not going to last for long at $75 per case!
Several of our favorite bubblies from France, Italy and Spain will be arriving Monday as well - if you have a celebration coming up that requires the popping of a few corks, we've got a Limoux sparkler that not only looks a little like Veuve Cliquot but is truly a beautiful and elegant sparkling wine. The Domaine Rosier has the tiniest bubbles, creamiest mouthfeel and a lovely toasty finish - and all for $15 bucks - a mere $50 less than the Widow Clicqot! There tons more to taste and dream about, so stop in to visit, try a new wine and see all the fun new things! We'll be here, as always, 7 am 'til 7 pm....every day....even on Sundays!

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