Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chasing Windmills, Garlic with a View and Basil

It was a gorgeous day with sunny blue skies as I drove to Cove, OR to visit with Annie and Sarah at NE Farms and check on the organic garlic and basil! The punch line is that we had several inches of snow just 2 days ago, but that will more than explain why the basil plants are still so very, very small!
However, both Annie and Sarah assured me that they've got well established root systems at this point - apparently their 'toes' are warm and that's where they've been putting all their energy!
The good news is that they are nearly ready for market and BELLA will have
on June 25th! Bring on the mozzarella!

The garlic fields looks fantastic. The Spanish Roja is thriving and the Persian Star (always one of my favorites!) looks like it really enjoyed our lengthy winter- you could almost hear it growing! It's probably the only garlic farm with such an amazing view - the freshly snow capped ridge of Mount Emily is just across the valley and the lily filled pond is at the southern edge of the fields.

We had a great visit before the girls had to go back to their weeding (organic farming entails LOTS of weeding!) So we've got basil and rosemary to look forward in just a week or so and then it's the long, sweet wait for garlic harvest!

Driving back to the store through Ladd Canyon, I couldn't help but notice that the windmills were keeping time with the music in my car - I just had to share!

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