Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the Road Again...what a long strange trip it's been!

So I'm away in Longmont, Colorado for my secong go-'round at a
Jon Schallert
Destination Retail
The skies couldn't be any bluer, the Porter certainly couldn't be any smoother at the Pumphouse, and the roads are like butter (more on that later!)
While I'm considered a "Graduate" (as this is my second Bootcamp) and I have really enjoyed working with Jon over the past decade, I admit that I feel as though I've been held back because of stubborness, pride and a solid belief that "my way works".
(Let's face it, it has, but there may still be a better way!)
Quite honestly, I have to say that I'm learning more the second time through and that when I get back home - things are going to start looking lively! Maybe it's me that's changed the most, maybe it's just time for something new at the old ranch - whatever the explanation ends up being, this has been the most fun I've ever had taking truckloads of criticism (oh, and more than my share of sweet kudos too) about my "Good Ship BELLA". Most amazing is that I'm taking it - willingly, graciously and frankly, I drove here to get it!
(Yes, I can hear John B. already - my favorite mentor that shows he cares with big doses of 'tough love' will bemoan the fact that I'll drive 900 miles for critical assessment when he will readily dose it out daily, and I wouldn't have to travel at all!) Love you JB- always will!

Long story short, the first 11 years have been the most wonderful joyride imaginable and I'm ready to get a little more serious and let this baby grow up a bit. Watch us closely to see the checkerboard POP and the little baby BELLA enters it's teen years with a new sense of style and dare I commit to saying CONSISTENCY! It could happen!

I have a feeling this is going to be fun!

The 'aha' moments have wed bikes and wine (it's not just me that sees the connection!) and aprons may have assumed a new and powerful role in the universe. Stay tuned, more at 11.

Dandy enjoyed the road trip here and has been lapping it up in the luxury of hotel suites, air conditioning and his very favorite tunes on the I-pod as I've spent my days in class. I also brought my bike along... can I have a little hallelujah for the road crews of Longmont - what nice smooth pavement you have! And what lovely bike lanes and tolerant drivers!

I took a spin today after 9 fruitful and hilarious hours of re-constructing BELLA and I was riding along this gorgeous stretch of road in the NW corner of the city (out past AMGEN, the sponsors of the Tour of California!) just cruising along, feeling like a total rock star - loving my bike, enjoying the weather and chewing on some of the discoveries of the day when I hear that silky noise of spinning bike chain and it suddenly seems that my mistaken 'rock star' super biker power is being overtaken not by one but TWENTY cyclists!
Okay, so they were wearing KODAK kits and looked very young, very fit, and like they ride those bikes a lot but it really stole my misguided thunder to be passed so summarily. Luckily for me there were 2 riders hanging on the back that I was able to hang with and so I was fortunate to draft a bit and get pulled up the next hill by this lovely train of gorgeous legs.
Still a rock star in my own little rock opera, I'm simply left with no delusions about my riding style (and thank goodness I wasn't wearing my Elkhorn Crest Leader jersey (graciously gifted by the race director, certainly not earned!) That would have drawn at least a pointed remark or two!
Yada Yada, I'm having fun and looking forward to another great day of breaking old habits tomorrow.


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Hmm.. Do I hear a Grateful Dead tune (your title!)...

Sounds like a great trip.. nice legs and all!

BELLA Main Street Market said...

well yes, so glad to know you recognized it!
the legs were most definitely great, but the seminar was fantastic!