Saturday, July 28, 2007

How do you say SCORPION en francaise?

Our language lesson for the day is about scorpions! In French, you simply drop the 'n' and then you grab a jar and capture the scary looking assailant from above your bedside table!

I believe in catch and release in most instances, but not when the 'wildlife' is in my bedroom!
Another trip to the fabulously cool water of the Herault gorge yesterday afternoon, it really is amazing to have this place so nearby, especially when it has gotten so hot in the afternoons.
Tomorrow I am planning to ride through our local vineyards, do a bit of wine tasting and then come back to our favorite local bar to watch the TdF timetrial..........can Contador hold off Cadel Evans.....will Alessandro Valverde turn the light's down to Paris already. How time flies!
Here's more of Montpellier.....................

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Kay said...

Hi Beverly,

NO, you can't bring home any pets!

The cactus are nice, but the arches are elegant!