Friday, July 27, 2007

TGIF ala francaise

The limestone wall that edges the vines at Daumas Gassac - we had a wine with dinner last night from Montenegra - the black mountain - it was a grenache and syrah blend that we opened 3 nights ago but it finally opened up and was fabulous with our dinner! The wines here are products of very old vineyards planted in a mixture of soil types - limestone, basalt (the black mountain) and a red volcanic soil... All very porous and sun drenched!
Peche blance crepes with myrtilles sauvage (white peach crepes with wild blueberry jam served with espresso on our very own stone patio yesterday morning An ancient olive tree from the Botanical Garden in Montpellier!

It's Friday and the internet cafe closes at 10:30 (it opens at 9!) They really do have their priorities in place here.

Yesterday we road the mountains surrounding Aniane - a ride we did our first day here, 2 weeks ago - I definitely have better legs that I started with! We ended our afternoon with a swim at the Pont du Diable - a marvelous and very well used swimming area with beaches just 3 miles from our house here. The water is amazingly clear and the gorge is emerald green - and well populated with beautiful people!

The market yesterday was divine - fresh wild salmon and languiostine just loaded with dark green eggs, aubergine, courgette (zuchinni sounds more exotic in French, no?) and peppers.

I caramelized onions, shallots and garlic in a generous amount of butter, added the eggplant and then put the zukes and peppers in a the last moment to keep them al dente. Secret ingredient.... just a pinch of Harissa!

Hot pan, a little olive oil and a quick cook for the fresh steaks of salmon. I dropped the Languiostines into the pot with the fresh cumin fettucine just before draining the noodles (but after removing those delicious little eggs which I put on top of the grilled salmon).

No picture, I need to start setting the table with the camera next to the pepper grinder, but it was delicious.........
a bed of cumin spiced noodles, topped with a very crisp ratatouille and the grilled salmon garnished with those amazingly sweet blue-green roe and the pink languiostine playing the role of the most delictable parsley imaginable!!


hello and a wish you were here to Inga (I think of you every time I ride dear girl!- and that's been a LOT!) and Vicki (you would love the land -and the rocks- here, as well as the riding!) and mom, and Gail, and Tena (thank you again!)


Inga Thompson said...

My Dear, Beautiful Bev,

If you go to France again next year and don't take me, you will be shot.

Much Love and Kisses,

Kay said...

Hi Beverly,

Great pictures! Your re-visit of the Aniane area sounds like a fun day. Isn't Pont du Diable where the two bridges are? Just think what that ancient olive tree must have been witness to.

Reading your blog makes me want to head to the kitchen, but first I have to find a dictionary. Langoustine with harissa sounded intriguing . . . prawns-yes, chili peppers-probably not. Peach crepes with blueberries-yummm!

We're loving reading about your French escapades, and your call was a thrill!
K & M