Thursday, August 16, 2007

Joie de Vivre!

Home again, home again...but with fabulous memories and what appears to be slightly more defined muscles!!! This photo was taken after riding 45 miles (NOT kilometers) all the way to the Mediterranean. Our destination was Cap d'Adge were we walked the black basalt pier to the lighthouse and then waded into the crystal clear water at the white sand beach. I dined on steamed mussels and a gorgeously arranged salad of octopus and other small sea creatures, allowed myself one beer and then prepared to ride amazingly brutal crosswinds!
It was a blast, it really felt like a real accomplishment and it was the longest ride I've ever done in one day!

This view is of the "Black Pearl", the towered cathedral built of the black basalt that surrounds the mouth of the Herault rivers as it reaches the sea. Across the bridge there are bleachers to sit and gaze upon the church, although I think I was pretty captivated by the humongous trout swimming in the clear water - so clear you could see entire schools of fish!

I was fascinated by the snails in the Languedoc! They are everywhere! If not on your plate at dinner, check the signposts along the road, or how about the thorny branches of the roses planted along the ends of the vineyard rows!
They must not mind the thorns much and have to admit, I took a LOT of pictures of these little white whorls!

And last but not least, here is a photo from my Alpes d'Huez day! I climbed many hills and a few mountains during our rides, and am proud to admit that I really loved the measureable improvement I felt, however, I never took on the challenge of something epic from the Tour de France.

My Mom found these socks for me, and it gave me a tiny bit of a chuckle to ride (with) Alpes d'Huez. Thanks Mom!

So my goal now, is to really get back into my work - but I have ridden my bike more in 10 days at home that I did for the month prior to my adventure- which is GREAT! I hope to incorporate the wine notes and recipes I write monthly into this blog... as well as keep a bit of story telling alive as I endeavor to balance work and play over the rest of summer!

Au revoir - for now. By next week there should be words about wine (and garlic) here!


Kay said...

Hi Beverly,

You're very welcome! and hopefully those Alpes d'Huez socks gave you a little energy boost on those mountain rides.

We're going to hold you to "as I endeavor to balance work and play over the rest of summer". Adding some play time in to your schedule of 7 to 7 for 7 sounds like a wonderful idea.

We're very glad you're back!


Kay said...

By the way, I'm very jealous that you've been to the Mediterranean and I haven't . . . yet.

Rachel Greenhalgh said...

Hello from a former Baker-ite! I grew up in Baker and miss it so much now that I have moved away. Please keep posting!