Thursday, July 19, 2007

bon jour at last! the internet cafe is open!

so there are a few things I have learned in my first week touring the Languedoc....

  1. Fetes happen! This a country that knows when and how to celebrate and there is ALWAYS something to celebrate. The first 3 days in Aniane were a festival, meaning most buisinesses were closed, the DJ played loudly until after 2am and everyone wears white short pants....tres mediterranean! It is not to be missed, but pack some earplugs!

  2. Everything is in French including computer keyboards which have no period, but they do have a decimal and nearly all the letters are in the wrong place. Oh, and it's still very easy to lose your entire blog when you thing you are posting but you are actually deleting.

  3. The riding is INCREDIBLE and the drivers are so amazingly courteous, if they can't pass you in the passing lane they just stay behind you, without crowding you until they can pass (it's absolutely wonderful!)

  4. Everywhere you look there is a view of a castle, a medieval bridge that still allows car traffic, vineyards, olive orchards and lovely little bakeries each with their own delicious interpretation of my favorite, pain au chocolat.

Needless to say, I have a lot more to tell. But I lost one writing already and the Tour is coming to Montpellier in 6 hours so I will just have to write more tomorrow. I will leave a couple of photos for the day and work on my french e-mail skills so that I can write more details of the past 7 days, and 150 miles -frankly I'm going to start counting the kilometers as it is much more impressive to say 460 km don't you agree!

They weave thru Montpellier today with a straight line finish on the west side, we'll be there cheering for Tom Boonen, Alessandro Valverde and Chris Horner - as well as all the other riders and are hoping to be able to see the podium awards. Tomorrow we will have picnics and be roadside between Canet and Plaissane along the tree lined " yellow route" but I will take a moment in the morning to write a bit.

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Kay said...

Hi Beverly,
We've been watching for your first blog from France. Loved the picture of the two bridges and can't wait for all the details!
Sounds like you're having a great time. Cheer loudly for your Tour favorites for us too.
Temperatures here are back to 75° & 55°ish and we're hoping for good weather for you there too. We'll be watching for your next blog.
Mom & Mike