Friday, July 20, 2007

I did it again... (or lost in Barloworld!)

Who says the underdog never has his day? There were critics that said Barloworld had no biz being in the tour but they took a second stage in the nasty inner city curves of Montpellier today! Watching the finish makes me want to learn how to "throw" my bike forward like that! HOooo-ah!

The crash at the finish was a bummer - I'm hoping Tommy Boonen came out of that mess alright (just so that Gail can continue to cheer for him!) The sad note was Dave Zabriske (that was us yelling DZ at the last corner Dave - we love ya!) who came in after the jersey awards - dunno what happened but it was not his day.

The day belonged to the Turqouise train - the Astana team really put on a show. As they passed under the 1 km banner - the 80 rider break (that reeled in the 4 rider break!) seemed dominated by that sunny sky color and the entire team brought a smiling (although bandaged) Vini to the finish and decimated the peleton. There was what seemed like a 2 minute break before the next group came through and then another 2 minute lapse before the 3rd group.....and this was the flat stage.

We are off via bikes this morning to find a viewpoint in Canet -- if it's too crowded we will end up along the gorgeous tree lined route just outside the town. We've got our Camembert and Saucisson packed, a baguette in tow and we're ready to cheer the peleton along!


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