Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bon Voyage!! Au Revoir!!

My bags (bike) are packed, I'm ready to go....
just channeling a bit of John Denver this morning as I prepare to board a jet plane to Paris.... and then on to Montpellier and my home for the next three weeks in Aniane.

Hopefully, I'll be posting wine notes and stories of the Herault and surrounding countryside as we scout out prime locations to watch the Tour de France peleton ride by when they arrive in the region next week......
ooooo la la, I am so excited!

The attached artwork is a painting by Patricia Freeman Martin titled "Princess BC Clette, Over Blue Mountains". Just "double click" on the image to really enjoy it!

Patti created the 36' mural on the west wall inside BELLA and travelled to Paris with me a few year ago to buy red shoes. This is one of my favorite paintings from her (just like "C is for cookie----BC is for Baker City and Beverly Calder and bicyclette is french for, well ... you know!)

It seemed an appropriate 'postcard' as I prepare to leave!
a bien tot!


mfp said...
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BELLA Main Street Market said...

Cindy H. has corrected me - it was the ever smiling John Denver whos "bags are packed and ready to go".
I think I crossed my wires with "Leavin' on a Jet Plane" - that was G. Campbell wasn't it?