Friday, April 29, 2011

Etta knows!

My first customer of the day shared an observation
about our fabulous handmade
that I just knew I had to share!

Etta took a look at the flavors in the case and immediately chose the
Mocha Rum for her friend, she nearly ordered another of the same
for herself and then smiled and giggled a bit when she settled on
Double Chocolate.

Then she shared with me the best little 'parable'.
She told me about the time she got her very first
BELLA truffle and how she just thought she'd
eat it in the car as she drove home.  She told me
that she took one bite and realized (with raised
eyebrows and hand gestures at this point!) that
she simply had to pull of the side of the road and
stop the car.  It was just to good to do anything
else while she was savoring it!
That Etta is one smart cookie!

Truffles are so incredible that you really shouldn't
multi-task when enjoying one; more than just a simple
piece of chocolate, each one is a little bit of beauty
with divine flavors and extraordinary textures.

Truffles are so much better if you let them be
the sole focus of your attention.  We think you'll
find that the rest of the day is that much improved
by that moment that you stopped everything and
just thought about the chocolate.

BELLA Main Street Market will be celebrating our
in a couple of weeks.  My 'little engine that could'
will turn 14 on May 14th and we are planning a
very beautiful (bellabella!) and very, very tasty
And you can count on there being plenty of
Michele's Chocolate Truffles!!! 

BELLA has featured these divine truffles
for nearly 14 years.   A customer brought
me one of Michele's Black Forest Truflles
not long after I first opened the shop and
I turned my back on Euphoria (my favorite
since college!) and never looked back!

We'll have 3 of our favorite flavors in miniature
for the birthday party - the Champagne, Butter
Rum and the Marionberry! 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, May 14th-
plan to join us at BELLA Main Street Market
in Baker City for a gigantic tasting featuring
many of our favorite local producers including
Gilstrap Brothers Winery!
More details about the tasting next week!!

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Kay said...

Happy 14th birthday BELLA Main Street Market in Baker City!

Here's to the next 14. Cheers!!!