Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year, New York and the Year of the Bunny!

So it really has been months and while the fog has cleared today and the sun is shining, I'm feeling like I really should make a better effort!  It's not a resolution but an acknowledgement that I'll never be a daily blogger (unless I go back to southern France and then absolut!!)  But I think if I try a reasonable goal,
like once a month, then perhaps I'll spend more time writing about food and wine than feeling guilty about NOT writing about food and wine.
Let the blogging begin ... again!
It's been a busy (as in busy working not entertaining or skiing!) winter and while I haven't cooked as much as I'd like to, there have been some tasty moments.  The Elk Pate' was a tremendous success and will definitely become something I make whenever the opportunity (or liver) presents itself.
Thai Fresh Garden Rolls have been one of my favorite things recently.   They are truly one of the easiest, fastest and most beautiful things to prepare.   Next time I 'roll my own' I'll remember to take some photos and post those!  Stop in BELLA (both La Grande and Baker City!) for Rice Spring Rolls Skins, Vermicelli and Rice Sticks and we can help you assemble the things you need to make them!  The new Sukiyaki Sauce is really delicious and we've got Peanut, Hoisin, Tonkatsu, Pad Thai and every chile sauce imaginable!
 I'm off to NYC (I just haven't had enough winter in eastern Oregon!) to seek more BELLA things to share with you through the coming year.  I'll celebrate Chinese New Year and welcome the warm, fuzzy year of the Bunny and then return back to BELLA with stories and Fat Witch Brownies to share.
Both BELLA locations will have their annual "Cat's Away" Sale where everyone gets to be a BELLA employee for the day (only you don't have to do any work!)   Stop by either store on Saturday, January 29th to take advantage of Employee Discounts (20% OFF all retail, wine and foods (except local meats and fresh pastries) and enjoy a FREE WINE & BEER TASTING.   The crew will be pouring
World Beer Award Winner
Hop Henge along with some great new wines!!
Hope to see you soon!

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