Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy HoliDOTS!

Tonight was the annual Baker City Twilight Parade, the official Christmas season kick-off event. What has always been the "shortest parade" in Oregon was simply fabulous tonight. It's been known to be short because it's usually around 20 degees and it's one FAST MOVING parade!

Tonight it was 22 degrees and there were twice as many floats and entries as last year,

it was fabulous!

The BELLA Happy HoliDOTS float followed the Baker Middle School Marching Band. All the BELLA staff and their kids were ringing cowbells, wearing their elf hats and having a great time. After the parade, it seemed like the entire city gathered at the intersection of Main and Court for the tree lighting and some carolling. Santa cruised the crowd and then everyone stormed back in BELLA for one last Hot Ghirardelli Chocolate with extra whipped cream!

Happy HoliDOTS to Everyone!

Here's another short video from in front of the store!


Gary Dielman said...

Happy HolyDots (sic) to you!

Great float!

And thanks for letting us know that Baker won its game.

Gary and Eloise Dielman

Sarah said...

Hooray! Dots on parade!!!

Sunriverman said...

Thanks for the update on the weather. It sounds downright tropical, lol. Sorry we missed the festivities, best wishes to all.

We're on our way SOUTH in the RV and will see you in the Spring.

Chuck & Dianne Erickson

Cindy said...

Awesome job on the float! After all the parade floats I worked on and all the years I participated in the Christmas Parade, I still miss it a is good to know you are carrying on the tradition in that unique Bella way!!! Wish I could have seen it in person!! Cindy (Vergari) Hutton