Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Doesn't Love Fruitcake?

Well the Holiday Showroom at BELLA Main Street Market opened up this past weekend and we had an absolutely fantastic celebration on Saturday with the Grandmas, Great Aunts and Fairy Godmothers crew! The chocolate fountain was a bit hit with cubes of Italian Pannetone, fresh strawberries and MARSHMALLOWS! Everyone raved about the Twila's English Toffee (still my favorite treat and guilty pleasure!) and the Sweet's Chocolate Covered Orange Sticks and Raspberry Sticks elicited a LOT of childhood reminiscing,

More customers picked up the real fruitcake (the Trappist Abbey Fruitcake!) than inflatables and even more took the Trappist Abbey Date Nut cake, but the Blow Up Fruitcake got the most laughs for sure!

The Fruitcake "infomercial" is the result of our late night 'final touches' work party. Work for sure, but it's a party if there's a little champagne! Here's another moment of levity as Colleen and Vicki model the measure/mixing bowls!

Now it's time to start thinking about turkeys... specifically Grandpa's Farm locally raised, free range, happy hens from Haines!

Grandpa Kurt and Grandma Connie have really filled a huge gap in our local food circle. We've brought in free-range and organic birds from California for the past 4 years, but have dreamed of the day we could offer chickens that didn't travel!

Lucky us! These birds grow up with a view of the Elkhorn mountains under crystal clear skies, with no light pollution, traffic hummmmm and nothing but the rhythmic squeak of Grandpa's rockin' chair on the porch each night as they bed down. The turkey tastes even sweeter when it grows up in such idyllic circumstances and we are just so excited for Thanksgiving dinner this year because of it!

Turkeys are available in 9-12#, 12-15#, 15-20# and we have a few birds available over 20#.

Give us a call at BELLA to get more information or to reserve your turkey today!


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