Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's So You!

If you walk past Valentino, or Versace, or Max Mara (or any of the dozens of other designers camped out here in Firenze, sooner or later you start to think...
That would look so good on me!
It finally happened today, but I caught my breath and backed away from the store. But these shoes at Valentino were so FABULOUS that Cindy and I decided to take our pictures with them!
The shoes are stunning, double click the photo to see 'em up close!
The other thing about walking around Firenze each day, discovering new neighborhoods, turning corners and entering hidden piazzas, or watching the street food vendors "perform" for their hungry crowds that I don't believe I've mentioned before now....
The men in these parts are SO dangerously beautiful!
!!!em no doog os kool dluow tahT
Sorry, couldn't help myself!
The crowds haven't thinned out a bit in the center of town, but today we walked to the NE section of the city. I had wanted to visit the Synagogue and the museum there but it was closed for a holiday so we just meandered in dig a big circle on the "Right Bank" and saw the quieter neighborhoods.
I haven't yet formul
ated the menu for this evening but the Chianini beef steak that we enjoyed last night was really delicious! The Poggiotondo Rosso was amazing and I am going to try and find another bottle of that here - it's one of the wineries I visited in 2006 and their wines are wonderful but I found this '06 Rosso in a mini market and it was such a treasure to discover!
We had roasted vegetables, roasted garlic (but of course) and Chinese Green Beans, cooked quickly in a wok with olive oil and yes, GARLIC!
The steak was seared first and then roasted in the oven in the center of the veggies. It was such an enourmous cut (like having prime rib for 4 people) that there was plenty of rare and medium to go around with leftovers even!
It will be hard to top the dinners we have had the last two evenings, but I thin
k I'll start with some fresh fennel and tomatoes and work my way thru the story problem that wasy. I found some lovely olives at the Marcato Centrale as well as the famous Cannelini Beans.
It's a mystery at this moment, but there is a chilled bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge and that should be all the inspiration I need for a delicious dinner tonight!


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

That's it.. I'm definitely coming next time.. for the shopping!!!

Stoked said...

You're practicing recipes for the repast at the top of Dooley at the 2009 Elkhorn, right?? -Martha