Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dots, Dots, More Dots and Brachetto por favore!

It started with one cute little red bike with dots painted on it. I took a photo and kept walking... around the very next corner, I couldn't believe my eyes.
More Dots.
A scooter with both red on silver and silver on red dots.
I feel so at home here!Not two more blocks down via Ghibellina and there she was, the bike seat I've always dreamed of! Ah, the Fiorentines that also love fleur di lis, accordian music, trippe (yum, yum!) and moonlight are fond of the dots that I love as well. LIFE IS GOOD!
I made something lighter and very refreshing last night for dinner, a composed salad.
Our very own little operetta on a plate.
Fresh fennel and Pomodoro tomatoes with olio and balsamico
Sautèed Porcini Mushroom with roasted garlic
Sliced Proscuitto, Aged Gorgonzola and Pecorino Romano
Sautèed Chinese Green Beans with Carrots
Served on a bed of romaine and curly red leaf lettuces with Porcini Cous Cous and a little bit of 'leaning towards Ceasar dressing'
We enjoyed a fresh and lovely white wine from San Gimignano that we found for 1.6 Euro at the Market Centrale and t he 2008 Prunolo that has become our 'house favorite' red wine. The conversation was great and we decided to go out this evening to a fun little bar we discovered on our walk today called SLOWLY.
Jeannette, Kelly and I walked over and found ourselves in a dimly lit, very groovy bar (complete with Barry White on the ste reo for over an hour!!!) and the wine list had Prosecco, Brachetto and Moscato d'Asti by the glass - definitely my kind of place. Think I may go back there again!!!


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