Thursday, June 24, 2010

Name That Cloud and Show Me The BEEF!

I was driving into La Grande on my way to Nouvo BELLA and there was this astounding cloud over the mountains on the west edge of the city.  I snapped a quick picture (from a moving car!) because it was changing so quickly... it was almost like the whorl of a seashell and was tightening in on itself.
The skies opened and it rained just a moment later
and then the cloud was gone.
But the sun has landed in eastern Oregon and today has been a parade of strappy dresses at BELLA La Grande.  We're talking about Portugese Branco- the wine of the season and I'm telling everyone about the amazing burgers I made for dinner (two nights in a row they were SO delicious!) with the new 
Sutton Creek Ranch Waygu Ground Beef.
This is the same breed known as KOBE BEEF (when raised in Kobe, Japan) but it's grown right here in Baker County and is grass fed ONLY- no grain, no corn, nothing but GRASS! 
Waygu beef is deliciously tender and flavorful but the amazing thing is the way the meat is marbled - there's no waxy fat!  Even after browning a pound of ground for lasagna last week, I was amazed to see about a teaspoon of fat left in the pan.  The fat doesn't solidify and turn white, it stayed clear and liquid all night long because it is extremely high in mono-usaturated fats as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.  It's like Olive Oil!
I've only had true Kobe once, in a very trendy Japanese restaurant in LA but this is every bit as delicious and IT'S LOCAL and it's amazingly affordable.    You've read about $100 burgers and $50 pound Waygu in the fancy markets but this is just $ 6 a pound!   You gotta love that!
Sutton Creek Waygu Beef is available at 
BELLA Main St. Market in Baker City 
and our new location in La Grande 
starting this weekend! 
 But back to my burgers... I caramelized sweet onions and finished them with Dulcet Tangy & Peppery  Moroccan Sauce, which may be my new favorite 'secret ingredient'.  It takes the idea of BBQ sauce and elevates it to a scandalously delectable saucy spiciness - it's very, very BELLA!
So, keep your eyes open to catch divine cloud formations, the sunscreen on your cheeks for when they clear and a napkin in your lap to catch the juicy drips as you take a big bite and enjoy the last few days of June!

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