Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Men on the Moon '69

I remembered taking the picture but was amazed that I remembered where I'd put it!

The best part is my handwriting on the back of the little black and white photograph... "Men on the Moon! '69". You can sense the importance of the exclamation point in my large, loopy red script.
I'm pretty sure I got the camera as as gift for Christmas '68 and I remember being told that the camera wouldn't take a picture of the television.
Do you remember watching Neil Armstrong that night?

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Jeannine said...

I watched the moon landing outdoors on the shore of Swift Reservoir near Mt. St. Helens. There was no electricity there so a friend hooked up a small b&w TV to a generator. The moon hung above us in the sky as we sat on the ground and watched the distorted picture we managed to receive.
Great pic- thanks for the memories.