Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day - Will The Snow STOP?!?!

Yes, that is snow, April snow NOT April Showers as promised.
But we rode anyways!
Colleen gets Gold Stars, Brownie Points and Get Outta Jail passes forever and ever for getting me out and on the bike on days where the work is piled so high I can't see over the top.
The best part is that within a couple of miles, the 'juice' in the muscles takes over- the world is a good place - work is under control- and I breathe differently because I just love riding my bike!
Nothing else clears my head in the same way. I think that at the tender age of 48 I've realized that spinning circles is what 'sets' my inner clock; energizes, organizes and prioritzes all the strewn data in my files and basically 'reboots' my system and makes it everything
Tres' Bon!
Yesterday was a funny, funny day. Two inches of snow to close the month and put a little more pink in the cheeks of the tulips that have just pushed throught the ground. By 4 o'clock the skies were blue, the snow was gone and all that remained was the wind.
My riding partner was a competitive XC skier and her coach (aka Dad) always told her "Skiers Love Hills". We've adapted it some, and our mantra is "Bikers Love Wind". And wind we've got!
It took us 10 minutes longer to come down the hill than go UP the hill - and we were pedalling harder! It was crazy but the only way to keep laughing and not get off the bike and walk is to remember that we LOVE the wind.
I love the wind.
I love the wind.
I love the wine - oops!
A Typo but a Truism.
I think I'll leave it and say "everything happens for a reason!"

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