Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So Many Things To Be Thankful For!

It's the 3rd of December... and there is still NO snow! In fact, the snapdragons in my garden are still blooming and Dandy is running about with a coat. No complaints here however, it just seems a little bit warm to be playing Christmas music!
But we're ready for the season and Duffy Bishop is on the stereo singing Christmas in Latte' Land inside BELLA as we're steaming up Peppermint Mochas while wearing our adorable Peppermint Caps and building BELLA Gift Baskets like the little elves we happily become on December 1st every year!

The news outside is frightening
But we still find things to delight in

'Tis the season of cheer
We've got plenty to share

BELLA's here t
o help you find
your 'wonderland'!

If you've never visited BELLA 'Below' - our holiday showroom in the cellar- take a moment to come and spend a few fun moments with us. We'll whip you up a steamy drink and slow your world down for a minute or two so that you can wander, wonder and wish.

The BELLA holiday focus is centered on favorite childhood memories (3D cookie cutters), flavors to share (garlic, wild mushrooms, fabulous Smoked Salmon Chowder and Twila's English Toffee) and fragrances that say 'Welcome HOME for the holidays'. There's peppermint nearly everywhere you look inside the store but there's also plenty of cinnamon, vanilla and roasted nuts as well!

We've always thought that sending a little Oregon to those far away was the best way to share our joy and the bounty of Oregon just gets more delicious every year. Don't miss the Carpathian Walnuts from the Fox Creek Land Trust - they are the meatiest, mellowest walnuts you've ever tasted and you can crack them in your hands! The Hazelnut crop from Eagle Creek Orchards was fabulous this year and we love reminding folks that not all of Oregon's filberts come from Dundee ---we've got some of the best right here in Baker County! There's Huckleberry Preserves (with strawberries added or all by themselves, I can never decide which one is better!) , Huckleberry Syrup and Huckleberry Jalapeno Jelly. Serve it over a wedge of brie and bring any big, strong man to his knees begging for more brie!

That's just scratching the surface of delicious things from Oregon - I didn't even get to the sweets and treats nor did I mention the line-caught Oregon's Choice Tuna (but be sure and ask for our recipe for Pam's Divinely Fine Tuna Salad!)

This holiday season presents an opportunity to relax and remember the things we all cherish. Good food always topped the list in my family - bless those Potts'! I can't think about Thanksgiving without thinking about the amazing fragrance of the kitchen when we returned from sledding! And what memory of Christmas isn't complete without the sweet, spicy warmth of Peppermint!

Just for fun, here's a fun little Coffee Art piece by Christoph Niemann, one of my favorite New Yorker artists! I think I'll try to make a Peppermint Mocha Daydream painting tomorrow (if it's any good, I'll share it!)

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