Saturday, March 29, 2008

Marketing 101- easy Merlot jokes

I thought I was the only one making derisive remarks about Merlot until Alexander Payne gave us Sideways, but now it's open season and frankly, I am having so much fun!

This vintage artwork was the perfect place to land with a bit of double edged humor. Just 'click' on that pert little nose of hers to see the ad full size. Hopefully everyone, no matter how they really feel about the main grape of Pomerol, will find something to smirk about here!

Tonight is the BIG NIGHT - the 'Let Them Eat Cupcakes' bithday fete for the Merry Month of March Birthday Queens. (We are actually all last week-o-March filles, but I liked the illiteration M's!)

We stayed up late drinking fine Champagne, decorating 100 cupcakes and the Linzer Cookie tiaras. Goodness knows there was no shortage of laughter around the table and the cookie crowns turned out quite sparkle-y!

Time to go and decorate the space, we'll be participating in 'Earth Hour' tonight (lights out from 8 pm until 9pm) and so there are candles to set up, and headlamps to distribute. Check back in for pictures of the fun!

1 comment:

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

A big fat MWAH to all the birthday March girls! So LOVE that you made cookie tierras...and have a Earth hour... But, alas, sorry the moon is not longer full, you could have had a beautiful dance, but then again, it is still Winter!
Guess we will have to save that for those of us that are MAY babes!