Friday, February 1, 2008

Bright Lights, BIG City!

After the plane began leveling out somewhere over 10,000 feet the captain came on the speaker and played 'tour guide'....
"On our left, the bright lights you see are Venus and Jupiter."
Of course, it was just after 6 am and I was a little punchy but I was expecting him to say

Anyways, it made me smile off and on all the way to JFK and then for the next hour as we ended up on the A Train NOT the E train (they are both blue on the map, my bad!) and took the long and winding tour of Brooklyn from below.

There's a bit of rain- more like buckets, it's amazing- coming down in Manhattan and so we opted for the restaurant just two doors down from the Ameritania. What a fabulous surprise!

Called Iguana, with an interior that really beckons you in, the fire roasted chile and pork sweet potato tamale was delicious and didn't leave me room to finish the rare 2 inch thick tuna steak with yucca root and asparagus.

Talk about tragedy, I've never left tuna on a plate before.... ever! But it's Day 1 and I've got SO many restaurants on my wish list and only 5 more days to see 'em all!

The building out our window across Broadway has a fiber optic light display and changes colors every 30 seconds or so - it would be cooler if there weren't a billboard in the middle of our view, but considering we are just barely "off Broadway" I suppose a billboard is part of the view!

So from Baker City to New York City in 26 hours, isn't that just amazing? It's even more amazing that Cleopatra travelled more than
I ever will and there was no Jet Blue, no little bags of peanuts and suitcases didn't have wheels!
(more tomorrow!)


Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Now THIS is blogging!!!! FIVE days???? FIVE whole lovely days to check out NY? Restaurants? Bistros? Art? Funky Shops? People Watching? Cabs?

I was there in 1980.. As part of a scholarship! Yep... the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising! I was on the Marketing track... in SF....
Let me know of you find the Lone Star Cafe... What can I say??? Always a country girl at heart, even in the Big city...

And, you must post daily! Share!
(this is what happens when you are surrounded my snow and cows and sheep)....

BTW, you would be so darn proud of the BELLA-ETTES! They presented the BIG OL' HONKIN' check last night at our HUGELY attended Haines Elementary Chili Feed!!!! HUGE!!! Our preliminary report is we raised $6,282 for our little rural school! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

debj said...

Hey Bev, forwarded your Learn to speak Italian email to an Italian instructor I work with. Currently living in Switzerland. His comments about your recipes were typical of his personality. :-)

Sella & Mosca Cannonau: fantastic red, very strong, from Sardinia,
perfect with lamb
Lasagne: nope, no Italian dish is made with Feta, that is a Greek

Won-Ton/Chinese Eggroll wraps?? I don't even know what they are!

Lamb dish: saffron is something I use to make risotto but I guess it is a bit "Nouvelle cuisine"

Strawberry something with balsamic vinegar: definitely "Nouvelle


RE: Haines Chili Feed...that's fantastic! Congrats!