Monday, July 23, 2007


So I do not profess to read lips but I really didn't think Contador was "talking" with Ras' about getting the stage win - come on! Looked to us like he was saying.... No, Trust Me!!

anyways, I digress.........

I love this sport; it's brought a fun element of fitness and some fabulous friends into my life but I am really torn about all the doping. The story re: Ras' is really unsettling and I hope that is isn't true (didn't I say that first about Tyler?) but the French - they are so funny- they believe that everyone EXCEPT the French riders are doping!

Can you spell V*I*R*E*N*Q*U*E?

Anyways, this was the second stage we watched via telly and I have to say that I really miss Liggett and Sherwin (and Bob Roll of course!) but F2 - the local station- does a great job of convering the race and interviewing ALL the French riders! It was fabulous to see Hincapie turn the screws and push the pace yesterday, you just knew Bruyneel was giggling in the car (and we wondered if LA was with him yesterday?!?!)

Our ride yesterday took us through Ste. Saturnin, I took a Cigale in the ear along the way (the really, really big cicadas that make so much noise in the fields) and it was the first bug incident I've had on a bike that made me swerve (and freak out just a little bit- ick!!)

It was Sunday, the towns were quiet, the streets were fairly empty and there was a lovely breeze coming in from the ocean. We will head to Meze' tomorrow for oysters - how many oysters can you eat and still ride another 50 km back home?

The answer tomorrow here in this column!

So I'm attaching some fun pics taken from the road yesterday, it's more blue skies today and more climbs for the TdF peleton. We're keeping good thoughts for Vini, heralding the efforts of Kloden, loving Big George even more in his 12th appearance here and rooting for the young man in the white jersey.

DZ - we miss you!


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